Saturday, September 5, 2009

I got peed on!

We went to the farmer's market today. Got lots of yummy veggies and stuff. Took the pugglets and they were really good. But I got peed on by a humane society special. He didn't mean to, but I walked just past trying to wrangle the girls as he started to lift his leg.
Took a nap, got some knitting done. Working on Mr. Foster from knitpicks but goth style. I've also been knitting baby hats to donate. And I've been working on a shawl for me. I have another shawl to work on for me to wear to Katie's wedding but I'm worried it's too complicated in the 28 days between now and then. I can totally seee me knitting it up to ten minutes before the wedding. I think if I work on it every night for at least an hour I'll get it done.
In health news I have a pinched nerve in my elbow aka tennis elbow. I got a brace from the doctor but it gave me hives so I went and got one from walgreens.

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