Tuesday, March 31, 2009

socks and obsessions...

Lately I've come to realize that of the socks I've knit in my knitting career aka just about a year and a half, I've knit a pair each for my mom, two nieces and someone at work. I have attempted to knit two pairs for myself, one of which got felted and shrunk and is no longer wearable and the other that is a bit itchy for me to wear on a regular basis. I've had a pair of Spring Cable socks on the needles for about six months that I keep not working on because I've been finishing other things.

So tonight I picked them up and tried them on and I realized two things. 1. I love the feel of them and swooned a bit trying them on. 2. I want to replace all the pairs of my store bought socks with hand knit ones. I am expecting some very cute knitpicks sock yarn way soon and can't wait. I've also got some size 1, 2 and 3 needles on the way as well.

We've been making lots of stitch markers lately as well and as soon as pics are done they will be up for sale on etsy.

Otherwise, I've just been working and listening to podcasts lately. I'm way addicted to Lime & Violet. Love love love their quirkiness and I may have picked up their sock yarn addiction.

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